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    Brush Effect Tutorial | Step-by-Step | Inkz

    any video tutorial for that ?
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    Photo Manipulation

    2nd one looks cool
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    My Individual LOGO Works

    amazing work
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    My Work Recently

    good work mate
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    hello and welcome
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    Hi from Holland

    welcome to the forum
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    hi from josh

    hi welcome to the forum
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    Some pictures taken by me

    share your camera spec if possible love it amazing keep it up sharing like that
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    How To Create a Dr. Who Time And Space Vortex

    very nice keep it up
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    Create High-End Action Figure Packaging

    i like the cover page
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    After Effects Happy Holidays!

    looks cool happy holidays man
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    Apply Liquid Effects to Sports Photography

    nice awesome keep it up
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    Execute An Electrifying Light Whip

    great video like it keep it up
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    How to Make 3D Neon Light Typography

    let me check for tutorial you can visit basic typography in Photoshop
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    Apple MAC Text Tutorial

    awesome work here is a link for
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    Eye Enhance and Color swap Tutorial

    i like your work mate you enhance eye in Photoshop which is really cool
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    Faking HDR or "high Dynamic Range"

    good sharing High dynamic range
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    Skin Softening

    useful tips and techniques visit here for more