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    Specific Wedding Photo 'Tidy Up'

    I tried one, as well, and I also cleaned up the car door a bit.
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    Specific save the date photo request

    Here's one where I filled-in everything with green. I'm also attaching version2, where the entire photo is a little darker.
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    How make this effect in photoshop

    Here's another way to achieve a similar effect that's more uniform and "exact". (However, in this particular situation I think I prefer IamSam's result). Use the Polygon tool to create a shape with as many sides as you like. I chose 25 sides and I set the indentation to 80%. You should get...
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    Specific Photoshop friend in

    I'm sure somebody will come along and give this a try (I don't have time right now), but it's going to look fake for two reasons: The photo of your two friends is a close-up taken from above, but the photo of you is taken from a farther distance and the angle is more straight-on. The points of...
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    Specific Fix tie please

    I straightened the tie. I don't see anything wrong with your teeth, but there is not enough focused detail to do much with them, so I only slightly whitened them.
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    Specific Difficult Air Conditioner Removal

    I just finished mine, as well.
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    Specific Can you center us?

    Has this image already been Photoshopped? There are certain areas that make me think it has. Anyway, here's my try at centering the lights.
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    layer mask not working

    Glad I could help. Just so you know, there is another way to accomplish what you want instead of creating a "snapshot" layer. Select all of your layers, but exclude the Background layer. Then create a layer group of the selected layers by clicking on Layers>Group Layers. Once the layer group is...
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    layer mask not working

    It would help if you posted your PSD file so that others could see what the problem is. But... what you seem to be describing is that you have created a top layer that contains a snapshot of all other layers below it. In that case, there is nothing to mask. If you mask-away anything from your...
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    Removing the shadow of a photographer

    Here's my try. For the shirt, I used frequency separation to paint over the shadow and then add-back the checked texture. I then copied the original image on a new layer above that, changed the blend mode to luminosity, and used a combination of Blend-If, gradient masks and regular masking to...
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    Removing the shadow of a photographer

    I agree with IamSam. This type of edit, where the shirt has a checked pattern, is very difficult. Sometimes you can eliminate a shadow using Curves or Hue/Saturation adjustments, but other times it's easier to simply paint away the shadows. In the edit I did yesterday (the young lady holding...
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    Specific Please remove the people and shadow of photographer

    Thank you. Unfortunately, my PSD file won't be of much use. When I do these edits, I do every little step on its own layer, but I don't save all those layers. For example, I probably used at least 10 layers just to remove the photographer's shadow from the bottom of the dress, where each layer...
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    Distressing or ageing an object - Advice needed please

    The Dust & Scratch filter removes dust and scratches, it doesn't add them. Hawkeye created his own imperfections using Render>Fibers and adding noise. Another option is to find an image of grunge or rust and insert it into your Photoshop file as a new layer above the jackhammer. Create a...
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    Specific Dark photos with lights

    I agree with JeffK that sharpening the woman (only her and the bench, nothing else) looks better. I'm attaching my revised edit here. (And I like the orange color cast because many of the lanterns are orange, so it adds to the mood.)
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    Specific Dark photos with lights

    I combined your 5th image (best exposure of the lanterns) and 6th image. Then I played with the brightness, contrast and saturation, and also did a slight crop of the right side. (I guess you used a tripod because the lanterns matched perfectly in the two images.)
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    Reducing this texture/noise

    This may be some improvement, but there are others here who are better at this than me. Here's what I did: Copy image to a new layer. Apply Filter>Noise>Despeckle and then Filter>Noise>Dust & Scratches. Apply a layer mask to this layer to only allow the effect from step1 on the dark areas of...
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    Specific Please help photoshop these pics of my house

    Here's the first one. I didn't notice there was a second photo until just now. I'll try to get to that later, or maybe someone else will come along and do that one.
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    Selection options greyed out with lasso tool selection

    Here's what I did: Open an image and create a selection using the lasso tool. With the selection active, open the color picker. Click on a color within the color picker, but do not hit the OK button in the color picker. Click on the Select menu. All the selection commands are now grayed-out...