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  1. RobertsDigital

    How to save a custom brush.

    Guys please how do I save a brush after modifying it so that I don't have to start again? Guys I'm still kinda new to photoshop. This morning I created a new brush stroke and in the brush presets panel I added some modifications to it, but after I changed brush, all the modifications from the...
  2. RobertsDigital

    Specific Photoshop brushes have become laggy on new canvas

    ok guys here is my problem......I have been painting normally on an old canvas but recently, as from this morning, when I try to paint on new canvas the zoomed brushes, like up till about 100 size still remain as size 1, then size 1 brush only makes dots. When I increase size to like 5000 it...
  3. RobertsDigital

    Eyedropper tool problem

    Guys please when I use the eyedropper tool to choose a colour, the colour comes out different I have have temporary uploaded the video on youtube showing the problem (link below): How do I fix the selected colour to be identical pls I'm still kinda new to photoshop.....I'm using CS6 btw. Thanks
  4. RobertsDigital

    Specific Brush Tool question.

    I am making lines using the brush tool using dots and the shift button but how do i copy and paste to a single layer? When I copy the lines and paste them, a new layer is created....I don't want a new layer. I want a single layer only. How do I do it?
  5. RobertsDigital

    Specific i have a problem with painting over my sketch

    Guys I just finished making a sketch and then created a new layer then I brought the new layer under the sketch layer to begin painting but the brush keeps giving me some uneven dirty strokes. What am I doing wrong? Im new to photoshop and this is frustrating. I uploaded the video on youtube...
  6. RobertsDigital

    How do I crop an image diagonally?

    Hello guys forgive my ignorance I'm kinda new with photoshop. I got this image: I'd like to crop off the image from point A to point B, so that The triangle A, B and C disappears leaving the rest of the bar. Secondly I'd like to place this on top of another picture. All help appreciated Thanks
  7. RobertsDigital

    Hello guys I'm new

    Hello guys. I'm Roberts. I joined to improve on my photoshop skills.