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    Vertical Guides

    I use vertical guides and Transform -> Skew constantly when editing real estate images. Recently when I need to pull an additional guide it takes me out of transform as soon as I click on the ruler, my macbook pro is still working the prior way and allows me to pull more guides while remaining...
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    Spot healing Brush

    forever I have used this tool, now instead of painting black over a blemish it is drawing a circle, i used to be able to paint out electric wires etc now it just draws a circle and can't figure out how to get back where I was.
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    Saved file size super large

    OK, my standard workflow is Open as Layers in Photoshop from Lightroom. I blend the layers, merge, align verticals. Simple Control +S, Control +W and I am back in lightroom. I just installed the latest CC of LR & PS. I just noticed that the save Tif file is huge, the two I send to PS are 56 Mb...
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    Actions Actions not working properly

    Ok, switched to SSD, new Wacom tablet reinstalled everything. Some of my actions work about 50% of time, especially my auto align layers. I have redone the action (several times) and still no luck. When it doesn't work the auto align windows pops up and it hangs with about 30% progress. It falis...
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    Large brush

    I am ready to install a ssd to pick up performance but whenever is use a large brush, say over 1500 px my computer goes into a spinning circle (used to be hour glass) to apply the effect, anything else I can do, I have an i7, 32 gb ram, windows 10.
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    Real Estate photo Editing

    I have gotten so busy in my real estate photography business I can't keep up with the work. I am always working late Sunday night trying to finish the previous week. I either need to turn down assignments or out source some editing. I am looking for someone that can duplicate my workflow, even...
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    File type on export

    From Lightroom I frequently do edit in --> open as layers in photoshop, i normally blend two layers (ambient & Flash) for my workflow. when finished in photoshop and saved back to lightroom the file type is a tif, is it possible to save back as raw or nef, the reason I ask is a new lens only has...
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    Increase resolution and smoothe image edges

    I am attempting to make some new business cards and this logo is embroidered on my shirts and thought that would be a nice touch if they matched. When I go to vista print the image (logo) looks very poor quality and blurry. is there a way to make this more smoothe and finished looking. I...
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    Layer Alignment

    Well I'm back, Found a new issue I am having issues with. I frequently shoot two tripod supported shots (wireless shutter, heavy manfrotto tripod), one ambient and one with flash. I only change shutter speed, never change aperture so as to not modify the shot. Also, I use back button focus so to...
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    Alinging and saving

    I am doing some before and after shots for my website. I want the images to be properly aligned so I exported from LR as layers into CS6. I can auto align the layers but can't figure out how to save as two separate images and not even sure if I am doing this correctly. As always suggestions...
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    Architectural interior (real estate) photography: processing for overexposed windows

    OK, here is the issue, I do Real Estate Photography and have a major issue with blown out windows. There is such a difference in exposure between the window and the room interior. I use fushion and hdr plus various flash techniques but I'm remain unhappy with the results. One other technique I...
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    Text Color

    I was able to change text color but I must have clicked something and now I cannot change text color. I highlight the text, click on the color box on the toolbar which seems to be stuck on light grey, pick for example red click ok and it remains light grey. I may have clicked something that...