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    Hey guys, I'm in need of a professional or someone who is competent at copywriting. I need something written up on a banner I've made in order to attract people to the event I will be running. Does anyone know where I might find someone who can help me with this? Thank you
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    LAN Party Advertisement

    Hey guys, I've been in the process of designing adverts for console only LAN parties that I'll be running in the future. I just received the main logo design from F5DesignStudio and I've added it to the rest of the advert that I've got so far. I'll eventually add details, however for now I've...
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    LAN Party Logo Design "OzLanrz" $30 - $40

    Hey guys, I need a Professional logo designed for the Xbox360 Lan parties I'm going to start running in the coming weeks. The logo will be used on both promotional flyers and on the website. Description: Number of Logo's: 1 - 2, maybe 3? The name "OzLanrz" means "Oz" for Aus/tralia and "Lanrz"...
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    Poll Request opinions on logo name

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of setting up a console based LAN event in my local area and I need some thoughts on the actual name for the event(s) before Logo creation. As i'm in Australia, the even will either be called Ozlanrz or AusLanrz, which do you think?
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    Hi Guys!

    Hey guys, I'm from Australia and stumbled across the forums while I was looking for someone to help me with logo/website designs :) This place looks like it's abundant in knowledge, so I think all will go well and I'm glad to be here. Cheers