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    Some PS Edits I Have Done

    Here are just a few that I have done. Nothing special, just playing around. And just so that you know, the custom work on the car is real. And it's not all show. I did alot of suspention and power work. Dyno tuned and I have 58hp more than stock. Before I had put vinyl graphics on just to...
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    Need Help - How Can I Fix This

    You can see the stripe and under the door how it looks choppy. How can I fix this? I have been trying to fix this but just can get it looking good, natural. Feel free to give it a shot. If you know how I can fix this, I would like to learn how its done as well.
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    New Dawg Here

    Been using PS for a long time, looking to learn more tips and tricks. I'm far from good, I have been just mucking around. Now I'm ready to move on and get serious.