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    Corel products

    You can get Corel products that are no longer available on their web site ("old" versions...but not ancient;just back one version) on Corel's ebay store. Some of the products: Painter 7 (upgrades & full), CorelDraw 10 (upgrades and full); KTP Effects, Knockout 2, Bryce. I just got Knockout...
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    Adobe to release Photoshop for Mac OS X only

    Responding to unexpected demands from Mac OS X users, Adobe is currently developing a Carbonized version of Photoshop v. 2.5. "After months of internal beta testing, we're ready to release this as a public beta" an Adobe spokesperson who asked to remain anonomyous said. "We've worked hard...
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    Pen Tool Tutorial Links

    Just for you, Alistair :D
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    BIG Tutorial portal site It's not only for Photoshop. It has sections for all aspects of graphic and web design...even a Natural Media section (learn to draw!)
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    Straighten crooked scans easily

    It happens to all of us...the heartbreak of an otherwise good scan, but it's at an angle. Sure, you can rescan, but why, when you can do this: 1. Select the Measure tool (it looks like a tiny ruler) 2. Either: drag the tool along the top edge of the scan; follow the angle! Or: find an area...
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    Save trips to the Type tool

    Some people know I'm a nut for is too short even to type the T for the Type tool, then highlight copy you want to change. Here's how to do both at once. Double-click on the T icon on the type layer you want to edit. It will automatically select the Type tool and highlight...
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    Making screenshots (Mac only)

    Heh. I couldn't let Gauss's Windows only screenshot tip go by without offering some for the Mac too :) In OS 9 & X, Cmd-Shift-3 takes a picture of your entire screen. In OS 9 & X, Cmd-Shift-4 gives you a curser that's a little +. Drag diagonally to select an area; when you release the...
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    Quick option bar trick

    You know how when you want to change an option, say the radius of the rounded rectangle tool and you carefully click in the box, delete what's in there or double-click to highlight, and type in something else? Don't you just hate that? Here's a tip I found saves time. Instead of doing all that...
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    Photoshop911: New site preannouncement is announcing a new search and resource site for Photoshop: Photoshop911 I thought Mark, and anyone else here who has a PS related site might want to get in on this. They're calling for people to get listed.
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    The hidden floater command

    Those of us who have used Photoshop for awhile remember floaters. What's a floater? It's a single object that "floats" above the file, independently. Although they can be very useful, since version 5, I think, they are gone. Or are they? You can still get a floater, even with multiple...
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    Let Photoshop find the center of your document

    The trick here is to be sure you have a layer filled with your foreground color (don't ask me why, but at least in PS 6 this only works with a layer completely filled with the foreground color) Then, with that layer active, activate your rulers. Be sure "Snap" is checked under the View menu...
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    Copying a layer mask

    I found this out by accident, and it's proven useful. To copy a layer mask to another layer, click on the layer where you want the mask to appear. Then click on the thumbnail of the layer mask you want to copy (not the layer itself, or the layer thumbnail) and drag it to the Layer Mask icon...
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    Boss "Select Similar" around

    Select Similar (Select Menu) is a good way to select, well, similar colors by using any tool to select most of the colors in a background. But the way to make sure the command behaves the way you want is determined by the settings on the Magic Wand's tolerance settings. The higher the setting...
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    Transform your selection!

    I realize this tip is nothing new to the real pros here, but my god, I had an epiphany today, stumbling on this thing! And I've been using Photoshop for years. You want to select on a new layer to delete the selection. But your selection goes up and down instead of at the angle you want. And...
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    Lazy person's type/move trick

    So, you've typed something; now you have to move it. How often does that happen? (In my case every time I use the type tool) So, you select the move tool because the V command doesn't work with type, move the type, re-select the Type tool (or press T) if you need to edit. It doesn't have to...
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    Cool Easter Egg

    Okay, I know this isn't exactly useful, but we've gotta have some fun too! The Egg: To get it: Go to the Paths Palette. Hold down the Option key (PC: Alt) and choose Palette Options from the palette's pop down menu. You can close the Egg by clicking the Begone button. (This is in PS...
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    Copy a layer fast

    I know some of the experienced PS users already know this, but it may be useful for those of you who are new to the application. Tired of dragging and dropping a layer onto the layer icon to copy it? (When I did it this way, I often hit the trash and delted the layer instead of copying...
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    Change a bunch of Type layers at once

    Here's the scenario: You have a bunch of type layers, maybe for a navigation bar, and the're all set in boring Times New Roman. You fool around with one of them and decide that you like the Gomorrah font better. Do you have to select the Type tool, highlight the type, and change them one by one...