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    Paid Anubis vector recreated

    I would like this recreated without the background or hands on the bottom.
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    Paid Logo Recreation

    I would like this logo recreated, with the text to be in a font similar to what is shown so I can edit the text. Thanks!
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    Paid T-Shirt Design Recreation

    I found this online and would love to use it for a logo but this picture is very blurry. Could someone recreate it, also without the white circle in the background?
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    Paid Wedding ring

    I need the main wedding picture edited to have the wedding ring on my hand. Have included pics of ring and hand.
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    Paid T-shirt design logo recreation

    I would like to have this logo recreated in an edible psd or ai format. The font used is Neutra Display Titling.
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    Paid Logo remake - $10

    We need this logo to be remade EXACTLY the way it appears here. (Except not blurry! :joy:) End result would be looking for the psd file. Thanks!
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    Specific Remove background from Trophy

    Can anyone remove the background from this picture? I'm looking to use it as a shape in future projects.
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    Shark Bite in Font Effect

    I'm hoping a guru can help me out here. Is there any way someone can make it look like a shark bite in the letter F of this logo? Similar to what is seen on Shark Tank's logo. If you guys think another font would work better, feel free to let me know that as well. Thank you in advance!
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    Specific Eagles logo text change

    Is it possible to change the lettering from 'Eagles' to 'Ferko' in photoshop? I know the font is copyrighted, but I was wondering if there was some other way to do it.
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    Specific Patch to Photoshop?

    I'm not sure if this is a possible task or not to be completely honest. I have a patch below that I would like to turn into a digital logo. If anyone could do this, you'd be a huge help. Thank you gurus!
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    Edge Smoothing

    Hi everyone. If anyone can help me smooth out the edges on this shape below, to make it look like a vector, it would be really appreciated! Thank you!
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    Please remove everything in picture except 'Ferko' signature.

    I would like to extract the Ferko signature from this logo. Whenever I try it does not look good, nor does it scale very well. Any help is appreciated.