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    Cutting logo and recreate with PSD

    Hello everyone's i came here for one request, which is not possible for me. Here is the logo: I need to cut (two) logos and clear them from text (everywhere) and recreate a new ones with cool effects (if possible) from PSD. Now if everything is OK i want the psd with fonts which is used for...
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    Logo edit

    I have this logo: i need the same effect and size but with text: FragZone-CS.COM
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    LGSL Overlay

    Hello :) I need someone to make overlay like this: here is example for what is overlay: Height:124 Width:164
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    Change some colors at header

    Here is: I need to change the color of head for this man from silver to blue (but not too blue, something to fit with header). But to maintain the overflow effect. (if possible)
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    Edit psd file (change text for forum ranks)

    Hi again. I need to edit text for forum ranks from psd (i attached below) Ranks I need: - Text: Donator - Text: Baby PSD & Font: Thanks.
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    cutting 4 buttons (one by one)

    Here is pic: Thanks.
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    PS Request about header effect.

    Here is the header I need a light moving effect like this flash - Thank you!
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    Hi from Bulgaria

    Hi, my name is Georgi Rakovski and im from Bulgaria/Europe. I registered there, because i like it content of this forum. And maybe i'll request something about photoshop. My hobby's: - Hosting Web servers (apache,mysql,phpmyadmin) - web languages: php,html,css - Hardware - Linux greetings to all!