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    "Painted" Effect

    Anyone know how to get the subtle painted effect this photographer is using on his photos: We use the same modifier and a very similar camera system (I'm 5DMKIII and he's D800). I've set up the light every which way at every different intensity so I'm pretty sure this is something happening...
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    Coloring effect

    Trying to crack this grey/green/textured effect that I'm seeing in portraits lately, especially this guys work: Honestly any general notes on his use of tweaking the color profile would be welcomed. There are definitely specific things he does depending on...
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    Can anyone begin to quantify what makes the difference between these two sets of photos in terms of post (obviously the second grouping is being lit with a much bigger source). Thanks to the forum I learned that there is some matte effect going on with the tone curve in the latter pair, but it...
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    How to get this effect?

    Hello everyone! Anyone have thoughts on how to get this effect? The color feels saturated and rich, even contrasty, but then there's this chalky almost filtered look to the shots. None of the photo folk I know have been able to crack it. Gurus?