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    i need help

    A detail...
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    i need help

    Last month I sent a friend of mine a home made Film Grain Overlay made with my Fujifilm GFX. He told me that the results were nice because of the shape of the grain simulated by Fujifilm ACROS. He uses it as a FGO (Film Grain Overlay) with the Photoshop blend mode "Soft Light". If you want to...
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    Specific Add graffiti to a train locomotive

    Nice shot, beautiful locomotive.
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    Actions Filename inside image

    I think that Paul wrote this excellent script for you. You have just to add the following line : app.preferences.typeUnits = strtTypeUnits; after : preferences.rulerUnits = strtRulerUnits;
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    Thank you. It was a pleasure.
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    Specific Colour a black-and-white picture

    Because Google is our friend. Not necessary to work for the FSB, CIA or Mossad to find this photo (3 minutes maximum). A great team. Are you a parent of Joseph ?
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    Specific Colour a black-and-white picture

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    Specific Colour a black-and-white picture

    Why having cut the hand of Joseph Abou Mrad ? :)
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    Specific [Resize large image]

    May be the technology Prodibi could help. When I want to show a very large file because many details are necessary, I use it. If you follow the following link you will see where I live and if you zoom at 100% in the image, you can find my bedroom. I forgot to switch off the lamp :). The size of...
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    Actions Filename inside image

    A script is not very difficult to write but some details are important : - width in pixels of the margins from the right and bottom edges? - color of the police if the backkground is 1) dark 2) light? - and which Arial font : there are 9 different fonts.
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    Specific Improve Pic

    The original photos are available (5600x7500 px).
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    Specific 90s style edit

    I tried a cross processing.
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    Dylan’s World

    Thank you. It was a pleasure to work on this idea. If you download the script to day, you will find a new version with the following modifications : - you can choose the dimensions of the square matrix (from 2 to 8 lines and columns), - a shadow on the sphere for the 3D was added, - your work...
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    Dylan’s World

    I wrote a script that creates a photosphere like this. It is limited to a 6x6 matrix, but it is easy enough to change these values. The background is black but it could be transparent. You just have to prepare 36 square photos in a folder before launching the script. It was possible to cut a 1:1...