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  1. revnart

    Relinking all embedded smart objects to one source

    Hi everyone, I need your help :) I have psd file with bunch of embedded smart objects, most of them has different sources - made by "New smart object via Copy".. the question is - Is there any way to connect all or all selected smart objects again to same source? Exactly the same as all would be...
  2. revnart

    Specific Car Photo Request!

    My approach.. little different but maybe you will like it (zoom to 100%) :
  3. revnart

    i think i beat the bezier practice game

    Challenge accepted :) They have more games - :)
  4. revnart

    How to Take a Screenshot (Capture Image of Your Screen)

    I'm not on windows (Windows 10) right now, but if I remember correctly if you press Win+Shift+S you will be able to take screen of full screen, selected part or even active window or Photoshop panel.
  5. revnart

    How can I reveal almost invisible pixels?

    Did you tried method with blending Options / Stroke I suggested?
  6. revnart

    Specific Need help with this logo!

    Based on amazing work of @Hudson (hope you don't mind :) ) changed the font, so here you have jpeg and png version:
  7. revnart

    How can I reveal almost invisible pixels?

    Or adding to what @Eggy said - if you are using layer mask Alt+Click mask thumbnail to see your actual mask.
  8. revnart

    How can I reveal almost invisible pixels?

    try adding Outside-Stroke in layers blending options it should make it :) EDIT: added images add stroke in blending options: result:
  9. revnart

    Specific arrange the icy tower character 100 times in the photo

    My attempt, square for instagram ;)
  10. revnart

    Filling layer with transparency

    So I missed this shortcut somehow :) Shame I didn't know it before but it's nice to know it :)
  11. revnart

    Filling layer with transparency

    Hey everyone, I missed this feature over the years or it's something new? I reset colors with (D) and if I use Alt+Backspace I fill the layer with background color, Ctrl+Backspace fills with foreground color = this is completely normal but when I add Shift if fills only opaque areas and if I...
  12. revnart

    Batch resize from 405x350 to 900x900

    You have to choose it such situation:
  13. revnart

    Batch resize from 405x350 to 900x900

    Try creating an action: 1. File > Automate > Fit Image (and set 1050 for width and 900 for height) 2. Image > Canvas Size (uncheck "relative" and set values 900 for both height and width) Should work but it will crop sides since you have rectangle images and want them to be square. if you...
  14. revnart

    How to recreate this effect?

    There are many ways of creating this effect, starting from "one layer" approach with gradient map to more customizable option which I attach. 1. Open a photo 2. Add brightness/contrast adjustment layer (this will give you more options for end result) 3. Add posterize adj. layer and set number...
  15. revnart

    Specific Genuine looking engraving into an Emerald.

    And another version from me with transparent background in png file:
  16. revnart

    Specific Get contour from an image

    Will try some other techniques for now here is a version with less "snow" and more closed contours.
  17. revnart

    Specific Get contour from an image

    For sure there is some way to make it better but this is the result I get for a fast edit. Is this any helpful?
  18. revnart

    New work station

    Thanks for all suggestions, I will look into XMP profile since I read first time about this.
  19. revnart

    Many Concentric Circles

    I don't know how your file looks so it's hard to tell, but try merging your layer on which you have the circles with new empty layer (select both and press cmd/ctrl+e) and then try spin blur.
  20. revnart

    New work station

    Finally had some time :) I've searched a little and found nice website (I'm not connected in any way): CPU's tested directly for Photoshop: and they have a benchmark...