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    Specific Fringe on my face

    As Chris and Jeffk said reconstruct an eye usually ends badly... but i can't resist a good challenge even if I fail, I tried to reconstruct the original eye without using the other one so I was destined to fail.... XD but it was fun trying it,
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    Specific Hey Y'all! Can someone swap this face for me?

    You're Welcome! glad i could help ^^
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    Specific Hey Y'all! Can someone swap this face for me?

    10 second fix, hope I understood correctly.
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    You're Welcome, glad i could help! ^^
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    Finished ^^
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    Oh ok, I will give it a try tomorrow if nobody else does it ^^
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    Specific Face Swap

    Thanks! Glad i could help ^^
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    I made the new face and made some fixes on shadows and new objects but its missing the beers, I think need different ones with a better angle but I don't have more time at this moment. I finish tomorrow if i have the time and you're interested.
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    Specific Face Swap

    The position on the sheep head makes it impossible to make it look decent... but I made a try to see what I could get and experiment a little XD.
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    Specific Remove people from the photo

    Nandagopal be careful with the color cast, I see a green dominant and with wedding dresses its usually not a good idea.
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    I don't know much about mac sorry, but you cant use the jpg I added either?
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    Paid Facebook Page plus others

    Maybe its another kind of currency like "Yen" XD
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    In case you cant, this is the jpg
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    convert the file to jpg using paint for example ^^
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    Specific Cutting head to Last Supper :)

    not the best match but i made a try just for fun ^^
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    Wy are all the paid jobs always given away immediately - they are never available'?

    I assume most of the people that are interested in the paid section jobs mark the thread with the "watch" button, so they receive a notification and alerts to their email and can respond quickly to the request. You can do that as well if you didn't already do it ^^. Cheers!
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    Book Mockup

    Great work! To me looks 100% realistic, the only thing I would fix is the center of the book the shadow is too strong near the light I would make more transition, and make the center even darker just a small line.. My English is not the best, hope it's understandable :joy: . Cheers!
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    Photo Manipulation Mummy Sandstorm ft.Trump

    Its a really hard exercise even for advanced photoshop users, I remember a contest about this in this forum a long time ago,(it was clouds instead of sand XD,)and it was a nightmare to make it look decent, the problem with yours is that it just looks like a low opacity face added to the picture...
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    Specific Remove background

    You're Welcome ^^
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    Dylan’s World

    Nice one! if you want more realism/blending on the planet maybe some shadowing to add some volume, the old western font I don't think its the best for this case being planets and space... adding some background could help to make the letters more visible, like a light for example. I made a...