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  1. gautamz07

    Hwo to make laptop mockups ?

    Hey guys checkout this mockup PSD here , now see how the screens are tilted but when i click on the "edit layer" on the smart object in the PSD the screen that opens , is not tilted , its just a flat screen and i just have to place my image there and press "save" and bhoom the image appears on...
  2. gautamz07

    How to make preview images for a batch of PSD's

    Hey guys i have like these bunch of PSD's in a folder like below: Now in some folders i have about close to 25-30 PSD's , now how do i generate preview images for there psd's ?? I.E. generate preview images without indivisually opening each psd in photoshop ? So that i get a view like...
  3. gautamz07

    Typography question for para fonts

    Hey guys which of the below 3 do you think is more readable ? 1. 2. 3. ?? Do elaborate on your answers :D
  4. gautamz07

    Illustrator AI not showing the correct font sizes

    Hey guys , i have been used to using PS , but recently a designer built a website layout in AI. Now when i click on the nav fonts i see a font size of 8px , that can't be possibly right ? can somebody tell me what can i do to get the correct font sizes used ? Thank you. Gautam.
  5. gautamz07

    Illustrator Cut a circle , but don't want the border that comes with it

    Hey guys , bee flirting with AI for a while now , so i have this small circle and i want to make it a semi circle to , i just place a rectangle over it and click on "minus front" , look below: ( you can see the square placed above , over the small circle. ) Now after i click on "minus front"...
  6. gautamz07

    Illustrator Mysterious gradient tool

    I was just going through this tutorial HERE . Now what is that tool that this guy uses to 7:29 to change the orientation of the gradient ? could't quite find that tool :P New to illustrator :) so just about finding my way ;)
  7. gautamz07

    Illustrator Making a simple icon in illustrator.

    What is this guy really doing at 1:30 mins ? see the video HERE , He seems to not be creating a separate layer with the pen tool , but somehow use the pen tool to extend the layer. like just pulling it or something and i just somehow can't pull of that trick :D
  8. gautamz07

    Illustrator SVG animation .. make one SVG image or split it ?

    How are you doing my old friends ? I had a CSS - SVG question , i beleive quite a few of you guys on this forum use illustrator , Now i actually have the task to animate the below graphic, have a look: Now i first have to recreate this PNG in illustrator i believe , to get the SVG code , the...
  9. gautamz07

    wanted help in identifying font

    guys what is the font on the logo ? the blue font i mean :) can somebody tell me ? , also whats a great font detecting tool ? any ideas ? Thank you. Gautam.
  10. gautamz07

    New Invention :: The Focus lamp technique

    guys have a look at the image below, This is probably my 1st original idea , i wanted to do this a very long time ago , but never really ever executed the idea, do you see the focus lams ? basically i just taught if you wanted to showcase a product , focus lamps is the best way to do it...
  11. gautamz07

    polygon design.

    Hey guys i have been designing a few android splash screens and have seen that simplistic and easy to make flat design is more popular design trends is the following: see the orange and yellow polygon design , i believe it shouldn't be overly difficult to build something like that, what...
  12. gautamz07

    splash screen designs

    Hey guys , been a long time , hope you all have been doing fine :D i just made the below designs for splash screens , have a look and tell me what you think about them: second design: and lastly the product catalog page: What do you think about these ? :D :D :D
  13. gautamz07

    avaoid popup when batch resizing

    Hey guys , i am running a batch action on a folder , now i have a action recorded. When i have my "override actions save as commands" unchecked (whiich is what i want) , see screenshot below : I get a save popup as below for each image that saves : now thats quite bugging , how do i...
  14. gautamz07

    batch resizing question

    Hey guys , My question is about batch resizing, now i followed this tutorial HERE . Now i had some some images in a folder which were of dimensions of 5000+ pixels , i need these images for the web , so the image s should be about 1200*700 exactly(VERY IMPORTANT AND THATS exactly what my...
  15. gautamz07

    My neon effect .

    Hey guys ! hows ur weekend going ! , was just surfing online and found one of my all time fav quotes and decided to give it a neon effect :D Hope that helps you stay productive.
  16. gautamz07

    My sunday edit

    Well just a boring sunday and i came up with the following edit . Original Image: Edited image: Thank you. Gautam.
  17. gautamz07

    nice picture enlarge effect , how do i do it though ?

    Hey guys , have a look at the below picture : well one thing for sure , i guess the "red"'s have been increased for this picture and maybe saturation decreased . now i have a question , there are 2 pictures of the same girl , my question is about the faded backgroud image of the girl , is...
  18. gautamz07

    glossy kidda photo effect

    Hello guys ! how are you all doing ? :) needed a small help , have a look at the picture below : the above picture definitely looks photoshoped , can somebody tell me what kind of an effect that is ? i am sure this question has been asked a countless times , but still just wanted to ask ...
  19. gautamz07

    removing whitish shadow

    hey guys , wass up . need a small help :D have a look at the image below : now i have edited the above image and added my own sofa , like so . but my sofa has some white shadow on the top cushions , see below :: how do i remove those white shadows ? :( Thank you .
  20. gautamz07

    adding backgrounds to images with plain white backgrounds

    Hey guys i'am building a tiny websites , its a image heavy website , so alot of images . now when i made the PSD design of the website , i used images like so : i used images like the above just to give the client an idea , but when he got back to me he said the images i used were pritty ...