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    When on the internet ONLY.. my monitor, a ViewSonic 22" LCD buzzes as photos load up on the internet. I also have a Samsung 24" which doesn't. Any thoughts as to what's causing it? I've checked the connections, everythings on tight. The ViewSonic has a 'useless' iPod port with built-in speakers...
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    an attempt at veggiman

    I really enjoyed the veggie alien that I had posted here earlier. It was done in a 3d app, I decided to try one using photoshop. There are a ton of technical glitches in this, but you know, I don't really think it matters. It's just for fun anyway. I worked on it off and on and just had some...
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    most cleaver alien

    Every now and then I come across something that simply screams 'creativity' to me. This is one. Whoever did this, I'd just like to sit down with and split a bottle of Jack Daniels. I love cleaver people...Hope you'all enjoy as much as I did. Maybe someone knows who the artist is (?)
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    some fake 3d

    It's been a while since I've been active in this forum. I have lots of time now and will be posting some new thingy's Those familiar with my posts from the past, know that I'm mostly about textures in Photoshop. I create most of them but I've been doing a lot of photographing textures and using...
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    re make

    I haven't posted anything for a while. Mostly because in the summer and spring I have way too many things to do. But today I decided to work on an old image and post it for kicks. It's mostly about the textures. hope someone likes 'em..
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    hard drive heat

    On my new HP, I am contstantly getting warnings that the HD is too hot. ( 50 C or 122 f ) My Dell and Mac run about 45C to 48C with no problem. Is 50C dangerous and if not, what is. Thanks in advance
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    need help from a color pro

    I've never held much faith in Illustrator's color to begin with. But here's one for you.. I have 3 machines. a Mac G5 tiger, a Dell 8200 and an HP with Vista. I have 2 monitors. a 20" Viewsonic and a 24" Samsung LCD Colorsynch. CS3 on the Mac and HP, CS2 on the Dell. My color profiles are the...
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    uninstalling fonts

    New machine...Vista OS... I've got a bunch of fonts that came on the machine, that I don't want on the machine...I never knew what 'system fonts' were required and obviously I'll need to keep these in the system but I want the rest out. I have my own adobe font library ( open type ) that I pick...
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    turn off nag

    OK, I got a new HP computer. All I have loaded is CS3 Premium and Artizen. It has Vista Premium as the OS, it came OEM. So far I've managed to strip it down as much as I can..( remove all the trial software it came with ). This computer isn't connected to the internet nor do I want it connected...
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    tech advice please

    I purchased yet another computer yesterday. No big deal. It's a HP Slimline with 2 gigs Ram and Windows Vista Premium. The reason I bought it is this. I wanted dedicated machine for PhotoshopCS3e, Artezin and Lightroom. Nothing else on it, not even networked into my system and especially no...
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    new to hdr

    continueing from another thread. These are some more experiments using the CS3 'merge to hdr'. This probably won't interest some of you photography 'purists'. But I find HDR to be an exciting new approach to creating a final image especially for use for magazine and book covers and for...
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    spring has arrived to the mountain with all it's glory. I spent the week down in my shop, straightening up, upgrading some tools and getting blades sharpened. Now it's back to my first love, designing and building furniture. I posted this because?...When I think of all I've gained on this and...
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    background extraction

    I just tried a demo of OnOne's MaskPro 4. Although I've got to spend some time with it, it appears that this may be the answer to the 'background removal' issue we all wrestle with. It's features may already exist in some other extraction plug-ins, but they're new to me. Following their tutorial...
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    storing files

    I have 2 drives on my PC. A 120 gig master, an 80 gig slave that I use for storage of files primarily. My question is, is there a way to disconnect the slave ( I want to put in a new one ) and still maintain whats on the disks ? Or, should I move everything ( the stored files ) to an external HD...
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    for the musically inclined

    Probably like most of you, I'm a computer junkie. I'm also getting very bored with the graphics apps. However, I am re-discovering an old 'first love', music. I've had FL Studio for years, but never did much with it and I've just gotten demos of Native Instruments 'Massive' and 'FM8'. I'm about...
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    scanning drawing

    I would like a tip or 2 on scanning in line art. I've never had much luck at it and was wondering if any of you had a tried and true method. I posted an example of what I'm scanning and what I intend doing with it. I was also wondering is I would do better to use a digital camera to photograph...
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    ripped image

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    coming storm

    I guess I'm the one who's going to kick this off... so here goes. I titled this, 'coming storm'. Those of you who are from the 'plains states' in the US know how ominous the skies get when the prairie storms roll in. Those of you who don't, this will give you an idea. The technique used was...
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    glass effect

    Some time ago, someone posted a question about creating glass in PS. That's when I discovered that I wasn't too good at the effect, so I made my mind up to work on it. Here's an example of how far I've gotten. It still needs some improvement but I think I've got the tools now and I'm on the way...
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    cs3 beta question

    Haven't been around for a while.....been busy-busy-busy. But I have a PSCS3 question and what better place to ask than here. I've been beta testing PSCS3 since December. I'm getting to really like it, It's not as sluggish on my machine as CS2 was ( but I eventually got around that after some...