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    Black and White Lighting Effect like Beatles Picture

    Hi there, I came across a thread a month or more ago that described how to get the effect of the Beatles picture that shows half their face in the light and the other half darker. Probably not describing this well enough here.. But now that I want to try it I can't find the thread anymore...
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    Creating an oil painting from a photo in CS5

    I recently upgraded from the original PhotoshopCS to CS5 and I want to make oil paintings from photos. I purchased a Wacom tablet and tried playing a little with it but I really have no clue what I am doing with the paint brushes, etc. Any ideas on how to get me started?
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    Adding a photo as a new background

    I need help with adding a photo I found on the net of a sports arena as the new background. When I drag the portrait I want to put in the new background the size is too large. It won't let me resize the portrait or the background for everything to fit appropriately. I tried changing the...
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    Application Frame Missing /Not accessible

    HELP!! I want to use the application frame feature to create a triptych but it isn't there. I have CS 5 extended version. Any ideas?