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  1. Pearlie

    Ascending Order won't 'stick'

    Instead of scrolling all the way to the end, or even next page and then reading backwards to find the INITIAL post, how can I save the setting for Ascending order? thanks:twisted:
  2. Pearlie

    3D Materials won't separate

    Can anyone suggest a reason and solution as to why a model with 4 distinct textures (fabric, wood, metal - it's a chair) will not allow different textures to be applied to the parts even when 'Apply to matching textures' is unchecked? :twisted: The material mesh name is the same for them all -...
  3. Pearlie

    3D Neon from Nuthin' - 3D Neon Sign

    Working with illuminated surfaces and reflections. Began with fonts and the pentagon shape. comments welcome
  4. Pearlie

    3D From Thin Air: Her First Toys

    Work in progress. My plan is to create a bedroom 'set' to place this in.... as an ad mockup. Comments welcome. Created from flat vector art.
  5. Pearlie

    3D 3D ground plane - maddening shadow!

    Not sure if this is the right thread to ask a question.... very new here... There is always a horizon line/ground plane and it's got a darker tone from the horizon line down..... and I don't want it! In Environment, have lowered the ground plane shadows to 0% and it's still there! Still there...
  6. Pearlie

    I'm Pearlie, a confirmed Photoshopaholic.

    Hello, all, from sunny Florida! I'm a pro graphic designer, retired 2 years ago and now enjoy freelancing. Have participated in international Photoshop contests for several years on a couple of sites, to increase my knowledge and push my creativity. Have put some work on Behance and a project...