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    Specific Please Make My Picture Look Like This

    Hey everyone,I was surfing the request hubs and saw this picture edit and thought if anyone can make mine look like hers... I've attached my picture (the guy) and her's..P.S can you make mine a little brighter... Thank you in advance
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    Creative Logo design

    Hey guys I would love it if you would help me create a logo for my photography page I need it to have a signature handwriting the rest is for you to figure out The name needs to be WAVVII'S IMAGERY or Wavvii's Imagery Please there should also be a non transparent and transparent copy Thanks alot
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    Specific Change of background and clarity

    Hii... Please can anyone help me change the background of this picture to something better and plain in colour like the ones in studios... Thanks in advance....also if possible can you make me look like I'm standing straight
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    Specific Could someone help me add a person?

    Hi please can some help me photoshop my picture by adding one of my favorite musician, Rema(a Nigerian) or Naira Marley into my pic.... PS: If its not possible please add Saint Jhn instead.... You can also change this background if needed.... Thank you very much