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    Specific Curtains Logo

    Lianli, help me help you ... what colors and how much brighter?
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    Specific need it changed

    My only critique is that the phone doesn't face the viewer (mirror), making it very suspicious as a photoshop image. No way that camera took this picture ... angle is wrong..
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    Specific Need hand removed.

    hope this isn't too late for you ...
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    Specific Miami Heat Style Font

    What is the name of this font?
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    Specific Make me hot

    I will join the others who have said that you are already "hot". No need to do anything, just be comfortable in your skin. But, of course, I can't resist an interesting subject and challenge. Here's what I did: 1. Made NO changes to color, lighting, saturation, or warping things that can't be...
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    Specific Logo added to footbal please

    no credit required.
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    Specific Logo

    vector .pdf image attached. jpg for display
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    Specific Logo added to footbal please

    Crispy, is this more to your desire? May need some tweaking as I enlarged the text on the ball AFTER adding the texture to the text, this made the texture enlarge and now doesn't quite match the texture on the ball as well.
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    Specific Lightsaber pleeease

    had to make a correction in her smock waistline under the lightsaber ... and where the light beam meets the saber handle. fun project.
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    Specific Logo

    Hi Erika, Just a quick draft since you asked "would you do something different" and not "adjust this image". 1. Kerning ... the space between letters is not consistent ... it makes the lettering appear "off" 2. The "R", "I" and "N" interaction, at a glance, looks like a "W". 3. The "N" looks...
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    Specific Remove shadow

    one attempt ....