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    Concept. One page design about music

    I like it, but I'm not a designer for this sort of thing anymore, but i was just wondering what the raindrops are for if that's what they are ?
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    Photo composite/manipulation.

    Not done a composite or manipulation in photoshop for ages, just did this quick with a beach backgound, the model which is a 3d model, photo of the footprints, and mess with the sky a bit. Actually after looking at now, I have gotten way way rusty at doing this stuff.
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    What mouse do you prefer?

    Never heard of a silent Mouse before, guess I'll have to hide the cheese now then.
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    Thanks Hawkeye, I just couldn't resist that price, and at least i will be able to continue using a software to create artwork, I know there's plenty of free ones out there, but just couldn't resist that price for one of the better softwares, This will be a learning curve as there are no where...
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    Thank you MentosCubing .I have calm down somewhat now. I understand their situation, but for a multi million dollar profit business , i don't think their doing enough for those like me who can no longer afford it, so I have been looking around, and for what Adobe wants to cancel their...
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    Just to add to that, Since the first post i have looked around at what others are saying about Adobe, and this came up, I think i will be getting as many people as i can on the net to view this guys video's about Adobe.
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    I understand what your saying, and I understand Adobe is not at fault for the situation- but no Scupals or morals over making people pay who can no longer afford it. Thousands of people losing jobs and their livelihood, yet they just want yo pay pay pay, like i said that's it for me.
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    Just cannot believe in the current situation Adobe will not let you cancel your plan if you have been made unemployed, they just want to keep taking your money or you have to pay a cancelation fee, the Unscrupulous money grabbing Ba-----. That's me done with Adobe forever, I went away from...
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    Stay Safe.

    Thanks Chris, and i hope you and your family remain safe and well, In England i just cannot believe how naive some people are, disrespectful of the Virus and others around them, They just don't understand what is heading their way in this country, I think wherever you are in the world right...
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    Stay Safe.

    I don't get hear much now a days, just pop in now and then to see how people are doing, but would just like to say to ALL in the current climate, PLEASE KEEP SAFE. Have compassion for those that are vulnerable,and PLEASE take this virus Very Serious indeed. Keep Safe everyone.
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    Book Cover

    Thanks Argos, I will try a different font and see what that looks like, and daren down the eyes.
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    Book cover design main layout

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    Book Cover

    Book Cover I created, All own work except the face image in the background.
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    Thank you very much.

    Thank you very much.
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    How to Take a Screenshot (Capture Image of Your Screen)

    Not sure about other windows , but windows 10 has a built in tool called snipping tool, just go to the search bar and type in snipping and then drag the icon to your task bar, you can capture whatever your looking at on your screen, and save it wherever you want to on your pc, very helpful tool...
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    Auction site rip offs.

    Sorry sam, but I'm over this now, i will just take your advice about not posting something i don't want to get ripped off. not worth mentioning the site, i just replied to your last post.
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    What you think about my Logo Design?

    I would still reiterate what IamSam said, these still only advertise a video or film as they look like cameras and film cameras, its still missing the point about the tech side of it for me. Hope you don't mind but I made your first logo a bit more techy, Its plain and simple but just an idea.
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    Logos I made

    I've always associated a tree as a symbol of life, and a bird as a symbol of hope. The KSC i would of thought would interlink and flow one letter to the other, they appear to be seperate letters that just pushed together, Don't really know what to say about the key, it looks like it's melting ...
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    Sleepy fish in the depth of the ocean - Digital illustration

    I'm no illustrator and mostly do stuff as a hobby, but from a viewers point of view, the black area on the left attracts my eye more then the fish area, just think its a little bit too much black,