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    Specific Can someone remove the man from this image?

    Great job Argos, this is a complex one :perfect: I see that the guy left his shoe behind though :silly:
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    Specific Person removal

    You're welcome
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    Specific Person removal

    Quick job...
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    Filters Pattern Suppressor FFT Filter

    Looks good, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
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    Specific Photoshop background

    i doubt removing the people would make that big of a difference ;) Here's a version with your background
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    Specific Photoshop background

    Maybe you meant the same background but blurred?
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    Specific Photo popping through the letters

    Diff placement... can be moved around
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    Make photo look better.

    B&W adjustment layer, upped the yellows (179)
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    Specific Short hair

    Quicky... left the red circle so you can see ;)
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    Specific can u please make the picture look prettier

    Difficult to know exactly what you're after, but here goes ;)
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    Paid $5