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    Image Edit request {Free}

    Thank you Tom Mann & Other Posters. These were just snapshots but I was trying to make them look better for my mom. She is going through a rough time now with her husband and I know these pictures would mean the world to her. I take better pictures than these look and do know to avoid...
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    Image Edit request {Free}

    My mom was in town last weekend and I'd like to make the pictures of her and my son and niece really pop and have a better look to them than just snapshots. I picture a solid background free of distractions, eyes popping and even skin tones. :) Both my son and my niece have dark brown eyes and I...
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    Hi, I'm Manda!

    Hi there! I'm Manda! I'm here seeking some help with some images I took at a wedding on Sunday! I'll make a new thread for those though. I'm not really sure what else to include in this post but if you have questions feel free to ask them! :)