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    Paid Request- $5 / £5

    Hi All, Random request, I'd like the white writing / logo stating "GSB OUT" to be copied onto each of the black balloons attached. Would anyone be able to give this a go? Cheers in advance!
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    Paid Removing Black Mark from Photo - $5

    Perfect, that’s exactly what I was after! Could you message me your PayPal and I’ll sort out payment?
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    Paid Removing Black Mark from Photo - $5

    Hi, Fairly simple request hopefully, just require the black mark on the face of my niece & nephew (on this photo) to be removed please? Thanks!
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    Paid Badge Edit Needed - $10 / £10

    Hi! I'm looking to have the below image edited, so as the "WEST HAM UNITED" text is removed and replaced with "GSB OUT" in a matching or similar font. Further down could I then have an "EAST" added above "LONDON" with the same size, font & curvature. Cheers!
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    Paid Family Photo Help Needed - $10 Request!

    Hi! I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a Family Photo issue... I basically just need to merge a member of my family into one photo, using their image from another, if that makes sense! Feel free to DM for photos & more details! Thanks.
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    Paid $10 Request - Remove Clutter In Foreground & Sharpen Image

    Hey! I’d like a couple of bits of editing done to the attached photo. The easy bit I reckon is sharpening the image. The tougher part is that I’d like the glasses, bottles etc removed from the table in the foreground so as no one is being partially obscured, if that makes sense. Appreciate...