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  1. Bonedog

    Can photoshop make this smoke effect?

    looks pretty simple, if you have the image of a person, in this instance the woman, cut out the background and then place a smoke texture in the background, if you search Google you can find loads of free textures =) heres a quick example
  2. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    thank you =)
  3. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    it is, thank you, needs a little more work though I think
  4. Bonedog

    Some of my Recent work :)

    these are awesome! especially the second one, not sure about the frames though, but yeah dark and gloomy, my favourite kind of art =)
  5. Bonedog


    welcome to the forums!
  6. Bonedog

    Lost in the woods

    good start, loving the colour scheme, only thing id do is maybe crop it a bit because i feel there way too much empty space and also some mist to add a bit of gloom, great start though!
  7. Bonedog

    Help request- conforming a logo to a circle's edge without distortion

    i dunno if this is exactly what your looking for but its the tut i previously used to work out how to keep text going in a cirlce, using paths, hope it helps
  8. Bonedog

    had a look at your fine art america page, love your work, especially the portal one!

    had a look at your fine art america page, love your work, especially the portal one!
  9. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    have never actually made my own brush, might be an idea for future projects =) although i like this way of doing it because you can get different results every time.
  10. Bonedog

    Hello Photoshop Gurus!

    welcome to the forum!! when it come to beginners projects i find it better to jump in the deep end and start form there, find something your passionate about (for me it was music) and find tutorials to work around that, foe example when i started i was (and still am) obsessed with metal, and...
  11. Bonedog

    Old work

    ill show you mine if you show me yours :bustagut:
  12. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    thank you all very much for the kind words and the critique, ill post some updated versions when i get a chance, this is deffinetly wanted though, always wanting to improve! and @inkpad.t the rain is simply just monochromatic noise with motion blur, then using a blend mode (cant remember which...
  13. Bonedog

    The Screamer

    awesome concept, only issues really is placement, the 2 girls on the floor look out of proportion with the background, maybe some resizing and possible move them to the middle a little more, and i dont get the girls that are lying down? also possibly throw a subtle grain texture over it to make...
  14. Bonedog

    N7 Wallpaper

    i really love what i assume is the earth effect with the 2 textures but as ibclare said, there's little room for critique haha
  15. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    Thank you very much blade =)
  16. Bonedog

    its mehroo

    welcome to the site, youve come to the right place for learning =D
  17. Bonedog

    Couple of peices i did recently

    been working on a costume project with a friend recently, for her university final project, and its been really fun, the hi light of it were the costumes she had made for it, and they inspired me to do these. I took the photo for the one in a suit, i also did the filming for it but sadly I cant...
  18. Bonedog

    Photographer captures that moment

    These are so cool!, the time he must put into them must be insane, i hope one day to reach this skill level haha, also reminds me of the work of Dave Hill, whos a massive inspiration to me!
  19. Bonedog

    My favourite

    its a really nice photo, shame about the quality though, reminds me of one i took at a carnival i was hired to take photos for, same sort of feeling
  20. Bonedog

    is it possible to edit

    you could also (if you really needed to) take another photo with her hair tied back, same ish pose and edit it in, would cut out some of the cloning time i would of thought.