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    Background Guide

    The video tutorials are okay. Easy to follow since all you have to do is replay them. Once you remember how do it, you can move on to creativity. It greats easier to get the results you want. Digital Backgrounds | Digital Backdrops I did change a Bird to look like its swimming by changing...
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    Photoshop Element useful tutorials

    Shows some useful tips on rendering, filtering, blurring, layering of Digital Photos<< Photoshop Element Tutorials I spent 2 days on it. I wasn't able to do what i intended, but I polished some picture art as i like to call it...
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    Photo -->Photoshop-->Painting (Cool)

    The first time I seen this, I thought it was fake. Then I thought this was really cool and really interesting. To give credit: i found it on How to Make a Photo Look Like a Painting | Anyways, the second time I tried it, I make my house into a painting. You make multiple layers of...
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    Hi, i'm new and here's the stroy..opps i spelled it wrong :)

    The name is Darkpostpone because i like it. I been on the forum for a while, in and out. just checking in. I find this to be helpful. A little out me: I would like to say I'm quiet experience in Photoshop, Designing, and Websites. I occasionally mess around and try to make cool looking things...