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    Actions What is the best way to learn about ‘Layers’?

    I’m OK with the simple activities of Photoshop e.g. ‘Clone stamp’ etc. However, for some reason I can’t get my head around ‘Layers’. What is the best tutorial about ‘layers’ in Photoshop? a) YouTube videos, (which one) b) a separate Website? I’d be very interested in your opinions. Many...
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    Paid Colourisation problems

    PROBLEM The little bits of ‘colourisation’ are too difficult for me. ANALYSIS The ‘colourise’ algorithm has done most of the work but I’m having problems selecting and colourising the parts that haven’t quite worked. DESCRIPTION OF WORK Please – a) Make both of the carnation button-holes...
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    Paid Remove drawing-pin holes and general touch up

    PROBLEM I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! ANALYSIS I said, ‘Yes’, to editing 5 pictures for a friend but it’s too much for me (I spent ages on the check jacket!) and I’ve made a mess of the sky in the second one. DESCRIPTION OF WORK Please – a) Remove the Drawing-pin holes. b) Remove the...
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    Hello there.

    A quick hello to introduce myself. I really enjoy using Photoshop but I'm only a beginner. I hope to develop my skills further. Many thanks - Mike
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    Paid Photo Touch up $5 Correction of 'white eyes'

    Description.. I would be grateful if someone could a) correct the ‘white eyes’ and b) make them look realistic. I have tried to do it myself. I can get rid of the white eyes but I can’t get the result to look realistic. I’m not that good. Papal £5 Many thanks - Mike