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  1. ZeroCool22

    Finally, we can replace Full Head using DeepLearning!

    Now, we only need ADOBE to release VOcO to the public and GG everyone.
  2. ZeroCool22

    Photo Edit Before & After.

  3. ZeroCool22

    Finally Mask AI (artificial Intelligence) is here!

    Since the "Deepfakes" using Deep Learning to change faces, the AI is being using on "everything", now is the turn of Masking task:
  4. ZeroCool22

    Photo Manipulation Simple background change.

    Done for a reddit request.
  5. ZeroCool22

    Suggestion Dark mode.

    I think will be great to have a Dark Mode, especially being a forum where most of the content are photos and also our eyes would be much less fatigued.
  6. ZeroCool22

    PHOTOPEA (Free Photoshop alternative Online). A really interenting free PS alternative: Only in English & Spanish for now.
  7. ZeroCool22

    Photo Manipulation Encounter.

  8. ZeroCool22

    I'm back from my laparoscopic surgery, my experience. (bye vesicle)

    I had surgery on Wednesday around 1 pm and I was discharged the following day at 10 am. My experience, horrible, I never felt such a strong pain in my whole life, since I woke up from anesthesia to the journey to the private room (luckily my plan covered me a single room without sharing)...
  9. ZeroCool22

    Photo Manipulation Frozen.

  10. ZeroCool22

    Photo Manipulation The Best Friend.

  11. ZeroCool22

    Colorize your B&W images with the help of DeepLearning Neuronal Networks!
  12. ZeroCool22

    Challenge #57: Melting.

    The theme of this month is: "Melting". Do a minpulation where something is melting, simple as that. It's not allowed to use some kind of 3D program like ZBRUSH, etc. must be done 100% in PS, combining images, using your painting skills, etc... Examples: Submissions wil be closed on...
  13. ZeroCool22

    Humor Faceswap (Deeplearning Method), Trump to Thor Ragnarok.

    I'm starting to play with the Neuronal Networks script aka "DeepLearning", where you feed the networks with 2 sets of images/frames let's say SOURCE (VIDEO) and TARGET (the face you want to to put onto the video), then you feed the network with those images and start training till get the...
  14. ZeroCool22

    Lynda Mirror Website!

    LINK All LYNDA courses/tutorials availables. If some want to download a video, just right click (while the video is playing) and then "save video as". Enjoy.
  15. ZeroCool22

    Photo Manipulation Medusa.

  16. ZeroCool22

    Great tutorial channel. (youtube)

    I like to watch tutorials from time to time, because in PS you always can learn something new every day, and i found the channel of this guy, who make really nice tutorials, i think i'm not wrong if i said this guy is at the level (or more) than PHLEARN, this guy not only make the tutorials but...