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    Specific Memorial Photo Please Help!

    Nice job on the chair, though. That was the hardest part of this.
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    Specific Memorial Photo Please Help!

    Hope this helpful. I'm also attaching a second version that tones down some of the hot spots on her face.
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    Restoration Concert Photo

    I brightened and sharpened it, and also got rid of the white bar at the bottom. Not sure if I can do much else, hope this is ok.
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    Specific Slim Arm in photo

    Is this okay?
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    Specific Any edits please.

    I brightened it up a bit. Then I accepted your Trolls-Welcome offer to "make it look better".
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    Specific Crop my friend.

    I tried to rebuild the missing parts of his head.
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    Troll Editing!

    I think that could work. We could try it for a while and then potentially abandon the idea if it gets out of hand.
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    Specific Can someone please make her look like supermodel?

    Maybe it's just me, but I suspect that the original photo that the OP posted has already been Photoshopped (not particularly well, in my opinion), probably with a surface blur and then adding some noise. There are too many things in soft focus while other things nearby are much sharper. For...
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    Can't locate blending modes

    @IamSam, We both posted at the same time. As I say above, I have CS5, which is quite old by now. In your layers panel that you attached, right above the Blend Modes, it shows the word Kind and has a magnifying glass icon and a drop-down arrow. What does Kind mean and what else is available in...
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    Can't locate blending modes

    I have a 12-year-old version of Photoshop (CS5), but I think this much has not changed. The layer blend modes are part of your layers panel. Blend modes do not work on the bottom Background layer, so you need to have at least one other layer. In this first attachment, I have Layer 1 active. At...
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    Warp effect template

    Aside from painstakingly doing it manually, which you're trying to avoid, here's a way that may be good enough for your purposes. After you've entered your text, and with the Text tool activated, click on this icon here (where the red arrow is pointing), which opens the Warp Text dialog box...
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    Warp effect template

    Do you know about Displacement Maps? I think this will do what you want.
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    Troll Editing!

    I definitely like the idea... I’m in. I was not aware of James Fridman, but he is very funny. (I suggest people also look up “Kirby Jenner”, who claims he is the twin brother of Kendall Jenner and has a ton of fantastic Photoshop manipulations where he inserts himself into her photos. That’s him...
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    My First Time Using Photoshop

    Here's a (hopefully) helpful tip you may not know. You can sometimes get lost in a file with this many layers. It helps to organize things by creating Layer Groups, which are folders that can be collapsed or expanded. For example, your image has about 20 individual apple layers, so all of these...
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    Can anyone help me please?

    There is a lot going on in your sample photo. Hard to say exactly what was done. As a beginner, one place to start is to use some of the filters that come with Photoshop. For example, I created this Before/After image in about 5 seconds by applying the Watercolor filter and then adjusting the...
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    Specific Remove the man from this pic?

    This was a lot easier than last time. There is no way to fill-in the missing background, so I inserted a different interior with a similar idea to the original. Hope that's ok. I'm attaching two versions: the first is as-shot, and the second has some skin tone adjustments.
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    My First Time Using Photoshop

    Hi and welcome to the forum. I like it, and I think it's extremely impressive for a first attempt. Certainly way better than my first attempt. Photoshop can be so overwhelming at first that it's hard to know where to begin, so just keep at it. I looked at your PSD file and something is...
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    Photo Edit Some cigarette dangling and holding edits

    I took your Image #5 and added shadows/highlights to the cigarette to give it some roundness. I also added shadow to her lips and chin and tried to open her mouth slightly to accommodate the cigarette. The cigarette is still too big, but I didn't have time to deal with that.
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    Photo Edit Some cigarette dangling and holding edits

    I like the idea of these, but I have a few suggestions for how to make them look better. First, I think all of your cigarettes are too big. Compare the left vs. right in this image here: Next, I think your images can be more convincing if you focus on understanding where the light source is...