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  1. graphicdesign

    Connectology Logo Concept || WIP

    I really like this logo design, it reminds me a bit of the old Cingular logo. The monogram is a clever touch.
  2. graphicdesign

    Recent work...

    The foam logo looks ace! What software did you use for this ?
  3. graphicdesign

    Who uses Gimp?

    Initially, I found GIMP to be a bit confusing, but it's definitely got its advantages. I prefer to use Photoshop + Illustrator.
  4. graphicdesign

    Designing a logo form my company

    When you're looking for a professional logo designer, you typically want a professional designer that researches your target market. This way, they are able to create a unique and memorable logo for your business that helps build trust and authority. You don't want to hire a designer that is...
  5. graphicdesign

    Hi from North Carolina

    Hello from New York! I'm new as well :)