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    How to remove a text from image?

    Guess this post is over with...honestly, my opinion is that I like the colors but the image and text aren't appealing. This calls for a new header.
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    Dumb question

    The 32-bit/64-bit installation depend on your computer specs but either one usually works fine. 64-bit = better if it runs :)
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    PhotoShop Pro w. Advanced Skills Needed to Improve Quality of Some Photos

    I agree, we need to know what we're dealing with
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    Creating a transparent gif of a white text

    The jagged edges usually means a problem with the pixels. Change the size/resolution of image, cover it up, or try blurring it out will help.
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    Photo -->Photoshop-->Painting (Cool)

    Yeah, I tried it. This is another one that I did. I added some motion blur along with lighting and texture. I used 5 layers. How do you guys like it? You got to admit, it looks like a painting right?
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    Background Guide

    The video tutorials are okay. Easy to follow since all you have to do is replay them. Once you remember how do it, you can move on to creativity. It greats easier to get the results you want. Digital Backgrounds | Digital Backdrops I did change a Bird to look like its swimming by changing...
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    how to split image in half???

    Easy, There's layering, multiple windows of same image, Cropping and putting together, importing two images into one and go from there. You can always check the resolution (image size) from Image >> image size *useful when trying to crop it exactly.
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    Photoshop programs

    <<Photoshop Element>> is what I use for digital photo work. Great program. Photoshop is useful since it can be use for a lot of things as well. Get both? haha
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    What would one have to do get their photos like this?

    On the contrary, those pictures don't necessary need 'high-tech' equipment. My view on this is that a Picture was taken of Drake and place in front of a photoshop background. The background probably started out as an image. The type of blur used is most likely motion blur. Smoothing and polish...
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    Photoshop Element useful tutorials

    Shows some useful tips on rendering, filtering, blurring, layering of Digital Photos<< Photoshop Element Tutorials I spent 2 days on it. I wasn't able to do what i intended, but I polished some picture art as i like to call it...
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    Is this cool or what?

    Let me guess, the "secret" pop-up message code that allows you to write a message to anyone who clinks onto a link/web :) Nice message
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    Photo -->Photoshop-->Painting (Cool)

    The first time I seen this, I thought it was fake. Then I thought this was really cool and really interesting. To give credit: i found it on How to Make a Photo Look Like a Painting | Anyways, the second time I tried it, I make my house into a painting. You make multiple layers of...
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    Photoshop Cutting Issues

    Why not try to make another layer on top and make a round edged arc on top of the red corners. This way, it gives the illusion that the edges are round and you keep the red color.
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    Centering css from photoshop in dreamweaver

    -Mike has the right idea (time saver) have you try putting the [align center] code into your css sheet. This might be what you are looking for to make things centered.
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    Logo help for png24

    I kind of lost what you mean, do you mean slanting the text as in making it diagonal such as rotating it? There's also making a straight vertical line. Add text. Fit the text onto line to make it read differently.
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    Saving transparent GIF for website

    The problem is probably the edges if its all jagged. Try editing the image by smoothing out the corners and such. see if that helps. Make sure to save a back-up file in case things go wrong.
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    Suggestions about a web design

    My comment is that I like the way you put the Render Cloud in the background (if that is what it looks like to me) It sets a nice mood for the metal theme. It is a good start. Maybe put instruments on the page. Such as a guitar in the background to match the metal band theme. Drum set might be...
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    HomePage created in Ps, need to import to iWeb

    Dreamweaver is a reliable program. The thing is made for the sole purpose of web designing. It is kind of expensive. You can import images onto dreamweaver. Use Slicing on images uploaded onto dreamweaver screen and can even applies links that navigate through the website. I can't really tell...
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    Croping/trimming/resizing multiple images

    I can help with this. Go to Top tab [ Image >> image size... >> uncheck (constrain proportions) >> change image size to fit your needs. I will warn you there are downsides to this. The pixels will be rearrange. The image may not come out the way you will like it. It might get blurry and...
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    Gifs running slow.

    GIFs Animation: Fireworks is a great animation program. It's similar to photoshop. It's got frames (slides) that you can use to load pictures and create animation. Easy to use once you get use to the basics