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    Skin Tone Help

    Hi all, Ever since I requested a logo in the freelance section a few months ago, I have been trying my luck learning the basics of PS. I have always had an interest in it and now that I have the time I would like to become more accustomed with it. What I am trying to do is input someone into...
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    [Request] Reduce photo exposure

    Hi, Myself and the fiancée were at a wedding last night. Just managed to get a picture with the woman on the right whom we haven't seen in ages. Unfortunately, iPhone's don't take pictures very well without proper lighting with its built in flash.. I was wondering if someone had 5 minutes to...
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    [Request] LOGO - Computer Company - $$

    Hi all, First may I say what a fantastic community you have here. I have spent the past 3 hours looking over the brilliant work members have done over the year. I am looking for someone to design a LOGO for the company I have recently setup. The name of the company: Bluescope Technologies. I...