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    Specific finger on pictures

    hi guys my wife took pictures with fingers on right side and top corner thanks in advance for helping me out muller
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    Restoration computer games

    hi guys is it possible to remove this on top corner right,price tag thank you
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    Restoration need a litte patch up help

    hi guys on top of the picture is PC PILOT is black and white is anybody here how can this make a color in or just copy paste from the second picture thanks
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    small edit needed

    hi guys all good,managed myself thanks guys
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    need patch up help

    hi guys need patch up here its a mag cover and you can see under the plane should be more even the grey ,there was a cd and somebody rip it out right above this issue i don't know how to fix this,i try ed, thanks in advance
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    patching problems

    hi guys how to patch these corners here,i tryed every tool possible patching under the picture and around but for some reason it starts to copy the picture thanks