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  1. Joy

    Magic Hand

    I have two images that I'm trying to not simply meld into one, but rather make the top layer look like it's a light source. Basically I'm trying to have glowing words on my hand. And I feel like I've been hitting a brick wall :banghead: So here are the original images: I kept going back...
  2. Joy

    unclear edges

    I took a photo of a dancer and I'm trying to crop out all the other people to make it look like she is alone on stage. The tricky bit for me is getting rid of the guy right behind her. note this is a way smaller version of the photo I'm working with. so I'm more interested in the how than...
  3. Joy

    New to you and Photoshop

    Hello, :wave: I am looking to make friends and learn new things. I am all kinds of new to this. But grown not! for... I am a fast learner I am likely to have more questions than any one person would feel like answering. (good thing there is more than one of you here) :runaway: :!: one small...