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    Irregular Halo

    I have this problem with wanting to hurry up and get something done, instead of quick selection or wand, use the pen tool to get your points to be exact. The pen tool takes up more time but you will be able to cut out exactly what you want out, rather than using photoshops UI to figure out most...
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    How to View Original Colors While Using Layer Styles in PhotoShop

    Hello can you provide a screenshot, I can't help without seeing the layers, as well as your color overlay setting is set to black?
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    Curves To Levels?

    To make you more comfortable, just think of a curves layer is basically the same thing which their task is image tone control. Curves is just more flexible with creating multiple points. The histogram is the same when you look at your levels or curves adjustment layer. When you push the blacks...
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    girl on the beach

    A screenshot doesn't keep allow the quality of the work to stay the same either. Where are you representing your work? If it is on social media your name is already associated with your work and people will find you. But if you want to keep a watermark definitely make it smaller as well as I...
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    girl on the beach

    For me personally, watermarks should be subtle or not there at all. The watermark you have is distracting and if it has a presence just as big as the picture, then I believe it should be removed. I understand the fear of people stealing your images, that's why you can embed metadata into your...
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    help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

    Not only with focusing on what Argos said about your expressions rather than location, but compositionally it is stronger when it is simply focused on you rather than having extra distractions.
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    help change my background please

    Lol you did awesome Zero so I wanted to try at it too cuz whenever I remove background with people with hair, I tend to have the halo so... Practice makes perfect. I usually don't remove people in backgrounds my work.
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    help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

    Imgur probably will be better, if you upload a bigger file size that won't lose pixel data, someone will surely be able to take that guy out lol.
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    Need help with saving files :(!

    Another thing to look out for which has happened to me, If you save the file as a PDF before hand it has been saved as a PSD. Ex Timeline: (Untitled File Created > Untitled file saved as PDF > Untitled File saved as PSD) Photoshop will sometimes take off the layers check box You could save...
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    Need help with saving files :(!

    I've done the same thing and the only solution is to re-edit really. It hurt in the past but I just saw it as more practice for improvement or do something better. Turn your short comings into something great, just pay attention harder next time. Never rush any saving steps.
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    Quick Basic Tool Explanation for Beginners

    Okay I gotcha thank you for your input. I guess because I was focused on relaying information quick and to the point, and just having a general idea of what this tool can do it took away from more understanding. Definitely will keep in mind when I go over more functions.
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    Quick Basic Tool Explanation for Beginners

    Hello, I created a video for photoshop beginners to learn the basic functions of the main tools many will use in photoshop. I wanted to get straight to the point so that people will understand "Oh if I want to do this I might have to use this tool". Let me know what you all think and I hope it...
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    Please help with a badly damaged photo of myself from 70's

    I need to move to New York then lol bout to start digging through old portraits
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    Please help with a badly damaged photo of myself from 70's

    Amazing job at restoring this picture. I love it.
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    Hello Jeff here I'm new

    Hello, I just started commenting on this forum and love helping people out. If you have any questions with how to do something I am glad to be of an assistance. I create logos, composites, photo retouching(as well as photography in general), and flyers all in photoshop. Here is some of my work.
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    Latest works

    I agree with fredfish on everything. Keep working at it and you'll find it easier to make things look more uniform. I say find something to do everyday and test out and you'll see extreme growth. It will be hard sometimes but that's how you'll become a photoshop guru then you'll be on the other...
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    Hi! Wondering if someone can help with a picture of myself.

    Lol I don't think you offended anyone. You asked for help so people just gave different versions of trying to help. Never hurts to ask
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    First, did you download this picture off the internet? If so, you cannot convert an image from a low resolution to a higher one, there's not enough information within the pixels to be able to convert to a higher resolution.
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    How can I do this effect? total newb question

    Yea the scattered look would be from getting a specific brush that has the style pattern of what you're going for. So if you look up scattered brushes or particle brushes to download, you'll be able to get that style of edit you're going for. Photoshop really doesn't automate an effect like...
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    Hi! Wondering if someone can help with a picture of myself.

    Hello, what I have done is use frequency separation as well as use the eye drop tool to pick the pink and tan colors on your skin. Once I used frequency seperation (It keeps the texture of your skin on top while you edit color and etc. below) I brought my brush opacity down to 35% and painted...