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    Save for web nuisance

    Hi members, I hope this is the right forum for my question I just found out that everytime I use the "Save for Web" /preview in browser option to see how an image is looking in a particular browser, Photoshop makes a map in my Windows\Temp directory where the image and the *.html file is...
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    Brush hardness in PS 7

    Hi forum folks, I am busy trying out the new features of version 7 of PS, but I am still a regular guest :) This is my question. In version 6 you could change the hardness of a brush without having to create a brand new brush. I kind of miss this feature in the new version. I know you can...
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    Just a private thought. Since there is no specific board for this kind of frustration I will just post it here. In some progs like MS Excel or Word there is an option where you can automatically have your work saved every ten minutes or whatever time span you set this option to be. Spending...
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    Levels question

    I just noticed that when you I use the Levels command in Photoshop with the Alt/Option pressed in, it behaves differently than normal. Does anyone have an experience with this or any kind of explanation for this.