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    Photoshop, Wacom, and Windows problem fixed

    I thought I'd share a problem with Photoshop, Wacom and Windows 10 and the fix I found. It's sometimes so hard to find fixes for Wacom problems that I thought I'd share this here. Photoshop was not recognizing pen pressure so I tried to fix it using the usual steps to no avail. (I can detail...
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    All smart filters opening when only editing one

    Thanks, John, for your reply. Silent recalculation is the perfect description for what I would like to happen and occurs with the old Topaz plug-ins and halfway with ON1 Photo 2020 in that the interface opens but closes fairly quickly especially compared to the Topaz AIs. Hopefully you or...
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    All smart filters opening when only editing one

    For example, I have the old Topaz plug-ins and when I use one of those as a smart filter with a PS filter like Gaussian Blur--if I then edit Gaussian Blur, the Topaz plug-in would just say updating on the screen. Now with a newer Topaz plug-in like Sharpen AI with another PS filter, when editing...
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    All smart filters opening when only editing one

    This problem has been bugging me for a long time, so I'm hoping someone has an answer. When I use more than one plug-in as a smart filter and go back to edit one of them, all of them open again instead of just the one that I am editing. This is extremely frustrating. At first I contacted the...