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    Manipulation help needed!

    Hellow guys, I'm Hassan. A new member here. About how should i make my manipulation more realastic. If any of you can help me learn it. That would be really amazing. And btw i cant post the balcony png, it was also placed in the picture to make this work.
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    Photo Manipulation Fun change, dramatic!

    Here is what i did with my pics, still new with Ps. The second pic is selfie and i have lost its orignal. Will post if found
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    Specific Background change!

    Hi gururs, i have a request to make. So i took some pictures and posted on insta. But then i saw that the view is too good so i gotta be in the pics. Dont know much about Photoshop. So can you somehow put me in those pics. Same colour tone etc. 1 pic 3 backgounds. Chose any for the pic. Cheers!