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    Specific Remove part of a monument

    Hi, can you please remove the guy riding the first donkey - leaving only the animals in the monument? This is my city and I keep trying to encourage people not to leave their houses due to covid-19. Not even this guy should be out, ha. Thank you so much!
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    Specific Logo edit - rehab program

    Hi, I am a Physical Therapist and researcher. We're developing a study on post-discharge rehab on patients affected with coronavirus and just came up with an abbreviation for the project (ARCO, which means "arc" in Portuguese). Could you please come up with a simple, minimalist logo? This would...
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    Specific #StayHome campaign - make the statues disappear

    Hi everyone, Here I am again with a request that will help me in our local #stayhome campaign. The idea is to erase the two men in this picture and their shadows of course (leaving only the empty chairs and table). They're very important / traditional local artists but part of the so-called...
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    Specific Adding alligators to an urban lake

    Hi, can you please add a few alligators just chilling outside and also in the water to this picture? This is an urban lake located Downtown Campina Grande (Brazil) - legend has it that there are alligators in it but nobody has ever seen them. Since we are all under quarantine, I thought that...
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    Specific Educational request - fighting covid-19 as a city

    Can you please add surgical face masks to these guys' faces? This is in my city (Campina Grande, Brazil) - the twin statues of Gonzaga and Jackson, forever playing their duo of accordion and tambourine. I'd like to use a picture of them wearing masks to end a presentation I have on how we are...