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    Hey bud I lost the adress to your page! Would you be kind enough to post it for me? Thanks!
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    PHP Portals!

    Many sites are now switching to the PHP portal system, I am going to list some free ones that are easy to use and very easy to maintain. If you have any questions just Email them to me or post them. phpWebSite...
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    Honey I'm Home!!!

    Wow I see a lot of new names here! Sorry I have been off line for a bit I am ready to get back into the Guru's again! Gladd to see some of the old hands still here! Mark love the look of your webpage very cool!
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    Big time question!!

    I have just noticed that I am unable to view annimated .Gifs i just see a still image does anyone know what might cause this?
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    Oh Yeah Baby!! I Got A New Book!!

    Just picked up the photoshop 7 Bible!! This is one huge book!!
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    Landscape questions

    OK gurus here is the challande of a lifetime!! I am getting into doing landscapes in PS7 Stu is getting me into this and I am really new at it! Does anyone have any tips on landscapes?
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    New to PhotoShop

    I love the program so far and I have a lot to learn! So far I have played with images and text I have been messing around making Military banners so I plan on reading a lot in this forum and learning. Here is one of my creations, How am I doing so far? M Walsh