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    Natural Sex [= WARNING: Mature content! =]

    [WARNING: Mature content] I wanted to show the natural and deliberate in the act of intercourse. How it should be, anyway. I've also made a softer version of this one, just with another backgound image, since deviantART wouldn't allow this...
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    Santa's true face...

    In these X-mas times, I thought I would join in on the X-mas spirit.. However, not being a fan of X-mas I accidentically created this: It's a bit like Coulrophobia, made previously by me, just not with all the blood.. So.. what do you think??
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    House! *updated!*

    *UPDATE* Now with shadows and perspective.. I've made a house using Photoshop! I would like to show it to you: It's not technically advanced or realistic, however, I wanted to create something that actually looked like something for once, so this is...
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    Three new ones..

    Here they are.. I described them on DA so I won't do that here.. Moon on a golden night: Forest ending: Chronophobia:
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    Arithmophobia yeah.. well.. Tried to illustrate fear of numbers.. which is quite hard.. this was the outcome.. What do you think?
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    *WARNING*: If you are afraid of clowns, DON'T LOOK! If you care about art, then please look and comment this work of mine. What do you think?
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    I cooked this up yesterday: What do you think? I feel, it needs improvement, however, I don't know where excactly.. maybe the comet thing needs improvement, but how??? Help..:) A friend of mine told me that the big planet looks kinda...
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    Parallel universes

    Parallel universe goggles: Simple effects.. what do you think? Parallel reality side by side: Also made with simple effects and from the same images as...
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    CD front cover

    I've made this one for a band here in Denmark.. it's a rock/metal-band and a friend of mine is playing the bass in it.. it's quite cool.. the cd is going to be sold over the net and at their concerts.. Here it is: I wanted...
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    Duck Dodgers

    I've made this: It's not finished.. I wanna hear what you think need added? Thanks..
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    Two Greens...

    I've made this picture: But it's like something's missing.. I don't know what it is.. so.. help?
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    My newest work what do you think?
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    I've made this.. Does it look like an eye.. I couldn't find any tutorials on how to make a realistic-looking eye.. so I tried myself.. It is supposed to look like the pupil is broken and a piece of it has fallen out.. is this clear enough? Put short, I want comments I can use for something. I...
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    I got bored...

    This was made almost only using brushes.. I just want to show it.. hehe.. And this was inspired by some universe-thingy:) hehe.. don't care if you don't like 'em.. These are my...
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    Legend of Zelda...

    I found the new artwork for the new Legend of Zelda game for the GameCube .. and I was inspired.. at first, it wasn't any good.. that was yesterday. But just now, I made this one.. I think it's good.. but it's like there is something I need.. to take it one step further! Any ideas? I need a name...