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    how to make sure the sreen pic shows what you print

    Hi again, I have been making my own calendar and after printing on my hp printer (I like hp, its just a information you might have to know which type of printer it is) and realized that many of the pictures don't looke nearly the same as on my screen. typically it is the dark areas there seems...
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    need help to fix two different problems in photoshop

    the first problem is this picture. it seems like there are to much intensity on the color when i print it. I have printet on glossy photopapper and choosed that option at my hp printer. can I improve the picture in photoshop and how ??? the second problem is a picture with reflection on the...
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    Looking for a tutorial

    I want to create a dreamy disney inspiret princess poster for my 6 year old niece. She likes princess and her favorite color is every color. She likes frost and the princesses in it Any idea to a poster. Maybe some tuts I will try to make som pictures of her and integrate in the poster
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    make something realistic pop up/ out of another

    Hi again you great people. I am making this different month style for a calender I will make to my self. the idea is they can be used every year instead of creating 12 new each year. now im stock with this juli thing. I want this balloon effect wich different styles on each balloon. for J im...
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    how to use the 3d in photoshop

    Hi, I am hawing a really hard time making some things in photoshop cs6 3d. Perhaps its just because im notso goog at english and at understanding photoshop. I have this tutorial I would like to make in photoshop. the 3d part are made in illustrator, but as I see it, it could as welle be made...
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    help to make a text effect

    Hi I hope this is the right forum. I ammaking some different text effect for each months to my own private calender for next year. I am getting to november and would like to mak a frossen ice look on the text, but this tutorial I found us a nother program than the 3d built in in photoshop, so...
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    Negative photo how to

    Well I know how to create an inverted image ao it looks like a negative My question is. What do you use if you want to see the nagative as a normal photo My idea is to make a card and maybe use a filmstrib with negatives at the front. But can you see it at a normal colored photo through...
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    Actions free photoshop cs5 fire action

    Hi I hope it's the right place I am seeking for an photoshop action with realistic fire to put on text and perhaps photos or shapes. Because I only use it for my own private things such as a poster to my nephew and stuff, then it has to be for free. can anyone help me out where to find it
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    how to save a smart object

    I hope it's the right forum It ended in. I have been creating a picture in photoshop and converted it to a smart object, but how does I save this file so I can use it in another document
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    mixing two pictures

    Hi I am trying to make a collage for my brother in love, but I need to mix these to pictures together so his upperarm gets onthe swimmer in the water (it would be the swimmer with the reed on his right arm). Can anyone fix this, so I can get on with my collage. thanks a lot