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    CS3 extended troubleshoot

    have you imported the pictures onto your PC? What file type is the images?
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    Sudden quirk with resizing windows?

    click the link in my profile to learn how to reset prefs.
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    dual monitors

    Explain the problem more... black screen? freeze?
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    With CS4 you can create layer adjustments and its like a smart filter + a filter mask
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    newb! How do I import a photo, for a flyer?

    open the image in PS, and open the flyer document, and click and drag the jpeg into the flyer document
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    Tiling 3000 Individual Images

    Hmm try this File>Automate> Photomerge and when the dialog box opens select Reposition if that doesnt work I honestly dont know any fast ways best of luck
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    Where can i download the tutorials for photoshop?

    you dont download them, most the time you read them or watch a video my favorite site is Good-Tutorials - Newest Tutorials
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    of this size ? most of our members are spam bots =[
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    Reducing and Enlarging an Image

    well if you cant do vector make it high res, scaling down wont lose quality.
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    Australian Photoshop

    I still dont think it will matter, when purchasing a product it doesn't restrict you to where you can use the program in the country or where you can't, once its purchased you can sell it, Its like saying selling licensed products on Ebay is illegal.
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    Reducing and Enlarging an Image

    well you should make it a vector image but thats for AI, if you have traced it out into a shape, I dont understand you problem, I think you should just enlarge the shape, not the entire file, use control/option+T after you drag the "sewing pattern" layer into this new document
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    Lossing my mind. Transparent.

    Photoshopgurus - Tutorials, forum and other resources.
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    the owners/admins just are too busy probably to take care of the site
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    EXTREMELY odd cs4 bug!

    you need to turn on Open GL Edit>Pref> Performance
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    Convert CMYK to Pantone?

    How to Create SPOT color swatches in Adobe InDesign | SPOT COLORS ARE INDESIGN sorry bro
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    Wrap photo to a custom shape

    layer clipping mask- that will make it the shape but not look like one so I suggest also applying some layer styles
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    Australian Photoshop

    No, just because a product is bought in a different country doesn't mean it will be any different
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    japanese rising sun

    why cant you just select all the stripe layers and move them?
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    Change language settings in Photoshop CS3

    Well, you cant change it in Adobe, but you normally can set the language when you install, or contact Adobe
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    Help with shapes and clipping ?

    Q1- put the three layers into a group, then add the clipping mask to the group Q2- Simple click the( black arrow make sure you see the anchor points) vectored shape and copy it, then click on the vector mask tumbnail( not the fill layer) and paste it