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  1. Stefano

    The Bunny is Coming Soon...

    Hey guys n girls, A rarity, I actually took the original photo, and then photoshopped it to this final result. I will be away over Easter so, putting this up early. Feedback and critiques welcome. Have a good one and happy hunting! :yummy::yummy: -Stefano
  2. Stefano

    Inspirational Propaganda JFK, Einstein and MORE

    Another Google mash up I got inspired to do. :idea: Feedback appreciated, and thanks for lookin'! -Stefano
  3. Stefano

    PSG fun wallpaper

    I have been MIA for awhile, nice to see all you regulars are still around here! :naughty: I will have to get back to that avatar wars thread soon!! :twisted: For this fun project I decided to do a PSG theme. Love to hear what you think of it. -Stefano
  4. Stefano

    Happy Holidays Gurus!

    Hi Gurus, I have been running a hobby website for a few years now; it is what I use photoshop for when I am not using photoshop strictly to waste time... :lol: Anyway I put a good amount of time into this Xmas card, mixiing movie props & characters with Santa's Village and elves in the North...
  5. Stefano

    Challenge 23: Cheerfulness

    Use all your PS skills to do what you will with these cheering business people on this challenge! GL HF -Stefano
  6. Stefano

    CELEBRIMALS! Merge a celeb and an animal!

    Should be easy to find pics of your favorite celeb/animals to merge together! Here is mine: Uma & Tiger! I think this will be a fun one! :pimp: -Stefano
  7. Stefano

    State of the Union

    I made this a few months ago, I feel it has educational merit! Thanks for looking at my stuff and for any feedback you have! -Stefano
  8. Stefano

    Super Heroes Galore

    Bet you can't name'em all!! :) -Stefano
  9. Stefano


    "Cause I been drinkin', b*tch". -Stefano
  10. Stefano

    Greetings Photoshoppers!

    Glad to be here! I have been using photoshop for about 6 years loyally, mostly for fun and for a few website projects. I am sure some of my techniques are pretty amateurish, I have just sort of picked things up here and there over the years and mostly self taught. So I am sure I can learn a...