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    Specific hi i want services #4

    please remove the teen boy this red shirt And make me an exchange the boy or this Or this photo. thx
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    Specific i want big easy service

    hi please remove hair on my shoulder and fix my shirt color or change style and change Chair color to black and make my hair spiky dont change hair style thx
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    Specific i want service #3

    i want girl kiss me i want a real pro editing not a girl fake and is photoshop thx for all pro here
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    Paid hi i want ask question

    if i want private paid service what is payment method ??
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    Specific i want change another pose

    i want change man pose to this pose thx
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    Specific i want service #2

    hi i want add girl kiss me on the photo
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    Specific hi i want service #1

    i want make my photo hug a anygirl anyone can help me?