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    I’m asking for advice

    Retain: Good thing about the face you selected is that the lighting and shadows match. The amount of blur applied on the new face layer is good. Improvements: The previous girl's hair still shows where the Red outline markings are. (Sugggest using a new layer on top of the short haired girl's...
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    Specific Can someone add 2 words below this image?

    Which Free Font did you use, @IamSam? It looks very close to the original. Tilt on individual letters is well executed, mimicking the original font style. Nicely done.
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    Specific Any edits please.

    Gosh, it really exists!
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    Specific Any edits please.

    This could be 'Better' for some.
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    Troll Editing!

    Like @Argos suggested, maybe declare it in the rules for free requests section that there is a possibility that requests maybe trolled at a different section and any serious offences can be reported. Certain cultural differences may mean what one sees as fun and humour could be a serious offence...
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    Help me with radius in polygon tool please😭

    As the message shows, the radius has to b e between 1 and 150,000. That was when I had my units as Pixels. Now, when I change my units to Inches, this is the message I get: You can not have a polygon with zero radius.
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    Specific Color change

    Jeff, I opened your image on my PS, used the Eyedropper Tool and opened the Info Panel and this is what I observe: The sampled point is where the cross is. The G value fluctuates between 117 and 118. The web browser is not involved in the process, yet my PS sees the RGB as 255, 117/118, 0...
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    Specific Color change

    1 is taken from @GeneGraphics image 2 is taken from @JeffK image 3 is taken from @IamSam image 4 is taken from @polarwoc image At the outset, I observe that @JeffK's image is Hex #FF7600 (CMYK 0, 67, 100, 0 or RGB 255, 118, 0) instead of Hex #E87500 (CMYK 6, 65, 100, 0 or RGB 232, 117, 0)...
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    Specific Color change

    I found redoing the fonts easier too. Lots of adjustment on characteristics of individual characters was needed. It is not exactly the same, because the original font used is "Felix Titling MT" for the large characters which is a paid font whereas I used a free font that is similar. The text...
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    Troll Editing!

    Hi guys, I think this idea is definitely worth a trial and would usher in lots of creativity and humour. Maybe the OP could have the option of seeking the Admin to remove some of the Troll Edits. Only the OP, who is at the receiving end of the joke can decide if the humour is in good taste or not.
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    Is this the best way to fix this?

    Could you post a sample pic or blacken the subject and post the background so it can be better understood?
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    Specific Change color and text of logo please

    Hoping this helps. I have used a free font that looks similar. More exact fonts like "Bodoni FS", "Sybarite Small", "Schotis Text", etc are costed. Full image:
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    There is plenty of it around the forum if you look through the archives.
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    How can I add an inner glow wherever I want?

    Pretty much needless to add, but John used Black for the inner glow. If you need White like your initial image, just select White and settings below are only suggestions.
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    Using Layer Masks

    I thought you were trying to get the whole Shamrock image solid and not just the outline as per your initial plan - has this changed to outline only? If this is what you wanted to achieve, it looks good. The pattern on the Yellow Pick and the one on the Shamrock outline are kind of similar and...
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    White mark in the image

    If you did those changes on Photoshop, could you post the PSD file so it can be recovered? If not, the line can be filled in using clone stamp or a similar tool which may only be second best to the original.
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    Using Layer Masks

    These are the steps I followed: 1) Open Red Fender Image, 2) select the outline, 3) apply layer mask so only the red fender is visible. 4) at this point, if you want, you could tidy up the image by removing all surface scratches, finger prints, other blemishes, etc. 5) Open Shamrock image 6)...
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    Using Layer Masks

    I would like to appreciate @What the Heck for putting an honest effort into the task. Between Post 21 to Post 22, you moved the shamrock image. Then, by the time you got to Post 23 you were also able to resize the Shamrock image. Also, he was able to apply mask to Shamrock image, though it looks...