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  1. MentosCubing

    Specific Ps request

    Attached are a PNG version and an SVG version (the SVG version has been packed into a zip file because the forum does not natively support SVG files). I am not very experienced with logo design, so it may give better results if someone else gives this a try.
  2. MentosCubing

    Paid Can someone photoshop some girls for me

    Probably not... I don't think it's going anywhere, though I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  3. MentosCubing

    Paid Can someone photoshop some girls for me

    Buyer has several images. I gave a rate and he chose two that he wanted me to do. I've sent previews of both and asked if he's ready to pay for the unwatermarked versions (this was about a week ago) and never got a response.
  4. MentosCubing

    Paid $15

    Please note that the photos do not match in lighting especially well, so there's only so much that can be done. That said, how does this look?
  5. MentosCubing

    Paid Replace Magazine cover with specific politician $50+

    This took longer than I expected; looks like some of you beat me to it.Here's my go anyway, just in case you're interested.
  6. MentosCubing

    Specific Color change

    @thebestcpu is right, but I took a screenshot and sampled the colours of both images as they appear on the web page. They seem indistinguishable even then (I placed them right next to each other and couldn't tell the difference, even with a better monitor than the one I normally use), although...
  7. MentosCubing

    Specific Need logo photoshopped

    Of course. I've also fixed an issue on the N which was not visible on my monitor but showed up on my phone. (The A and the H looked like the same colour on my monitor, so I sampled interchangeably without realising they were different colours. Should be fixed now.) There's a PSD attached in...
  8. MentosCubing

    Specific Add her Bunny to a photo in Paris

    This just warms my heart so much.
  9. MentosCubing

    Paid $10 via PayPal to edit a photo.

    If this is still open, I am interested. Sending a PM!
  10. MentosCubing

    Paid Take out someone and put someone in its place-Needs to be private!

    If this is still open, I'm interested. Sending a PM.
  11. MentosCubing

    Lasso/Selection help

    I'd just like to add that if you hold the Alt key and paint with the quick selection tool, it will switch from adding to your selection to removing from it. In this case I would just do a fully manual trace with the Pen tool, then feather it a tiny bit. The edges are soft enough in the original...
  12. MentosCubing

    Specific Curtains Logo

    Fonts I used: Ubuntu (bold) for the name and Aller (regular) for the slogan (svg versions linked below, png versions attached directly)
  13. MentosCubing

    Specific need it changed

    This is actually a picture straight from Apple's website. It is a direct, head-on shot. I just used a tiny bit of perspective distortion to line it up with the original picture's phone. My guess is that it's the reflection on the side giving that illusion... but just because it is only an...
  14. MentosCubing

    Specific Please make her smoke

    A great shot as-is. I was almost afraid to tamper with it.
  15. MentosCubing

    Specific need it changed

    A quick go at it. I actually prefer Android to iPhone though, as do many Internet users I've come across. You have a Pixel 2, if I'm not mistaken, and that's a far better phone in my opinion. No reason to hide it or be ashamed of it. It's an absolute beast of a phone, even in 2020.
  16. MentosCubing

    Specific Remove white background please

    Ah, I completely forgot about that! Thank you for the refresher; I forgot that the fill might not already be perfect.
  17. MentosCubing

    Specific Remove white background please

    Sure thing. It's about a thirty-second job if you know how. You mentioned that you'd tried it yourself, so I figured you'd be interested in knowing how it is done. I just inverted the image, then used the result as a layer mask for a black solid. (Since layer masks use greyscale images to...