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    Masking in Illustrator

    I'm back, at least briefly. A bit of a detour. I am trying to work in Illustrator to create an outline of an object that I can then send to my laser cutter. So my thought (perhaps incorrect) was to remove all the colors inside the object, just leaving the border or outline. I looked at few...
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    Needing Help on Illustrator and Possibly Corel Draw

    Hi, Everyone. I'm a relatively new member and very grateful for this forum. I had a question. I'm a SLOWLY learning how to use PS. I have recently acquired a laser cutter for my business and will begin cutting material this week (we've been jobbing out our work for five years, so this is really...
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    Using Layer Masks

    Here is the main image. Can you see this? Please let me know, yes or no. Here is the Shamrock I want to apply to the red image.
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    How to Change the Size of a PNG Image in PS while retaining Resolution

    Hi, Everyone. I got some great help in a thread recently. I must say, this is one of the friendliest and most welcoming of all the forums I've been on in many years, You folks really roll out the red carpet. I have an image that I want to put in a layer and place on top of another image. To do...
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    Instructions on how to replace a solid color with a pattern

    Hello, Everyone. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this Forum. I haven't been here in a while, but you are always so helpful. Thanks in advance for your expertise and assistance. I am a PS novice but am learning quickly and not afraid of hard work. For this question, it would probably be...
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    Layer Grouping driving me crazy. How Do I Stop It?

    Hi, Everyone. I'm a new PS user but have been learning a lot just by this forum and YT vids, etc. I am trying to take a main image and then apply a second image (a logo) to overlay it. All the sudden about two days ago, every time I open a new layer it says "Group 1," "Group 2," "Group 3," etc...
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    PS Newbie needing tutorial links for small job

    Howdy, All. Thanks for this Forum. I am slooooowly learning how to use PS. I manufacturer a really cool line of high-performance guitar picks. Cosmetics are a large part of our appeal, so I'm crunching down and learning PS to upgrade the images on our site. Below are two photos of picks made...