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    Specific Removing of waterdrop on lens

    Hello everyone, due to i was so happy last time about your editing, i've got one more for you! :) Is it possible to remove that waterdrop on the lens? Wanna do a surprise for my wife! Best regards Commodore!
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    Paid Put him on some shorts! 5$

    Hello guys, As my first thread got deleted, I'll post it once more, but this time with the Pic, Lil bit censored. We had an amazing day few weeks ago (pool party, BBQ etc) and a brilliant photograph was taken as well!!! =) What a pity my stepdad jumped naked into the pool. Shall I post the...
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    Wedding Present

    Hey guys, I want to make a wedding present (wedding is tomorrow) for a friend of mine. I made a picture of their "wedding-car". Problem is, picture was made at night. Is it possible to lighten/brigthen that up? Thanks so far Best regards Gesendet von meinem SM-G800F mit Tapatalk
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    Typical Bavarian! Dirndl and Lederhosen

    Hey guys I could need your help, once more! =) My girl and me bought new typical Bavarian clothes. I don't know whether u know a "Dirndl" and a "Lederhosen" (leather trousers lol). =D Can u match MY blue (I am the guy) with her blue? But please try to keep the tiny pattern on my camisole/vest...
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    I was skiing with my girl, and need some help of u! :) Some removing of lil things

    Hello guys, last weekend, I was skiing with my girl. Was quite funny, and we took some pictures. But, taking pictures with two big helmets etc isnt that easy :D I could need help of u :) Pic A: Pic A: Is it possible to remove the hand, holding the camera? and maybe getting rid of this white...
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    Can someone please edit those wedding photos?

    Hey Community, I got a request for you guys :) I would be pleased if someone can help me out My girlfriend and me were on a wedding. It was quite fun! A Photographer took some photos of us. But I dont like my wrinkle/crease in my suit (pic 1-3). Is it possible to flatten/remove that, so it...
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    Present for the end of university

    Hey guys my girlfriend graduates soon - and I want to do a great present for her. He is talking every day about this pillow and i dont find a cloth looking almost/exactly the same... So - i found a website where i can print pillows with an image... But im not able to do such a...
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    PS request. Xmas present for girlfriend! :)

    Hey guys, at first, i hope u understand my english :D I wanna do a self-written-book with a self-created book-cover. But now I need help from you, please. I dont have any PS skills. I wanna put this text on the front of my book-cover. it should not be too corny, because its for my 23 aged...