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    Manipulation question: "what should I do with this damn hard light?"

    Hi! So: I've been trying to get rid of those 4 spots of light to the right of the image for hours and I can't seem to do it without messing up the color of the wall/the vertical shadow which I intend to keep/my entire life. Tips? Teachings? I welcome your knowledge and gentleness.
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    Getting started on Graphic Design

    Good afternoon, fair forum; I am very keen to start my studies and practice on Graphic Design. I am a Photography student, hence I have been in touch with Photography-based Photoshop from the start — I am willing to change that. Where is the best place to start? Should I look into Illustrator...
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    Nighty! I'm a Photography student from Brazil with a Scandinavian heart and Oriental interests; image editing and creating is my new goal. I have been studying here and there the basics on my own, and now I am an intermediate aiming for professional. Hopefully I can be of help to the community...