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    Anime/Gaming/Cartoon Character Collage Decal for rMBP

    Hi! Can anyone give me a quote for artwork that will eventually be a decal for my rMBP (Retina Macbook Pro)? I am looking for three identical collage pieces with one being in black, one white and one gray. Below is a list of characters I would like included. The preferred series/movie will...
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    White Tiger w/purple and black abstract background

    I am looking for some artwork for my fiances. Basically, she loves white tigers and the colors purple and black. I wanted to surprise her with some cool artwork in addition to having it applied to a cell case. The artwork must be geared to fit the case in the following link, meaning the...
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    Tribal artwork needed

    I could go to a tattoo shop but I wanted to check here first to see if anyone could get something rolling. Basically, I need either an image from scratch or a melding of images online. The idea is a combination of a tribal dragon and a female (tasteful), something that either connects or...
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    Soften edges and cleanup?

    How much would it cost to soften the edges and cleanup this pic? Mostly just on the female to the right but any imperfections you happen to see. Err, too few posts. Contact me for links.
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    Need artwork combined into two pieces

    I have several cartoon/anime images that I need modified and put together in a creative way for two landscape images. Need this done within the next day or so, sooner if possible. Post here or PM me. Thanks! Edit: Services are no longer needed. Thanks for the interest